Yes, I Stupidly Opened a ZIP File On a Window’s Machine

Yes folks, I did the unthinkable. I did something that I preach to my co-workers, and friends, and family, on what not to do, and instead allowed my standards to slip in a moment of weakens: I opened a ZIP file on a Window’s machine. And it was an EXE file that appeared to be an up-date calendar invited for Outlook Express.

It was from a client that I presumed was reputable and trusted, but found out later that their servers was compromised, so I have a little bit of comfort knowing that my action was not one-hundred percent based on stupidity.  Their serve was hit with what is called a WORM, through their email, and it advertised, you guessed it, pharmaceutical products from the U.S.A. When it hit our sever, it SPAMMED out somewhere in the ballpark 250 emails through our Sales and Employment email accounts.

The I.T. technician that we had working overtime last night caught the pest and quickly quarantined the server, and then switched over to our back-up server.  So we were never in a compromising situation like our friends are, but it was close—we did send out a few emails with the ZIP files attached.

I also need to express to all of you that it was not me who invited the malicious bit of code onto our network. When I opened my email’s attachment, I only infected my own workstation’s O.S. of WIN8, not the server controlling our network – I do not use Outlook Express—thank the Gods. But the EXE file did seem to start installing, even without me pressing the “OK” option in the pop-up window.  The I.T. department is just laughing at me right now, saying, “way to go!”

This is but just another issue, in a very long list, of why I never use WIN products for my personal/private use. I am just amazed at how businesses can run and operate like this using such a venerable O.S. like this? The excuse that no one can communicate because software specific data is being used is just bunk. You send me a file that will only work with a $900.00 piece software, well, it will get ignored. Sending information in text format is the only way to go. And if you are worried about security, well, encrypt the email, but not with Window$ please.

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