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What a way to end the week off with: with an awesome sunset. I decided at the last minute to jump in the vehicle and drive over to my favourite look spot in Glen Valley, near Fort Langley, British Columbia, where I live. Some of my best shot have come from this place over the year. The main reason why I left was to check out the sky to see if we were going to have a break in the clouds to see the Perseid meteor shower. Sadly not this year. It seems everything time there is a major astrological event, we get clouded over here in the Fraser Valley.

Sunset Fort Langley Aug 11 2013 03 thomasso


Sunset Fort Langley Aug 11 2013 02 thomasso

About the photos

These are just straight out of the RAW file, with no post editing. I did use an ND filter on some other shots, but they will need some editing because of the light and contrast differences; those image will look twice a great as you can see the foreground in them way better.

Well, if it does clear up over the next two day, I will have the camera out with my tripod tying to capture the meteor shower.

2 Thoughts on “Setting Sun Photo Post

  1. Hi Tom. Love your self pics! Looks good.
    I would love to see one of your self with a smile.

  2. Thanks for the comment JM.

    If you want to see me smile, then wait for the post “My Light Side…” I have no idea when that will appear? 😉

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