Growth Means Traffic Gets Slower

So here we are, Star DateĀ -309381.46286783356 (2013) and we are moving slower and slower over our roads. My commute time doubled today as my trip, using two separate routes trying to avoid stoppages, was due to construction. Construction is everywhere in Langley City and Fort Langley, as buildings are being built, massive road upgrades are under way, and road maintenance crews are dotted along the way. What normally takes me fifteen to twenty minutes to get to and from work, took me almost forty-five minutes today! This is now the new normal.

Glover Rd Langley Construction Aug 14 2013

The joke is, once the road projects are over, my commute will then take as long a thirty minutes because even thought the road will be wider, and overpasses will take the traffic over the railway tracks, more traffic controls will be in place to accommodate the ever growing volume of traffic using the roads system, making you stop more times. Five new sets of traffic lights will be added along my route into work, and a four-lane “merge,” from a very busy interchange, will now greet me twice a day.

As it is now, I avoid Langley City at all costs. There are several areas that I will not drive into because the traffic patterns are just too congested. The Willow Brook Mall and surrounding areas is a place that I have not been in for so long, and it is simply to do with over crowding of the roads. Parking, road safety are my top reasons for staying away from that area. Crime, is actually my least concern for that part of Langley City. The one big box store that I do go to in the 64th Avenue & 203rd street area, I go well after 9:00pm, simply becuase traffic is more manageable at that time period.

So, here is to the next three months of this (the above photo). At least some of the flaggers are nice, and will catch with you while you wait.

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