Broken Spatula

I have been doing some new exploration into the world of cooking lately. My lastest venture took me buying a wok becuase I wanted to create some stir fry meals that I saw on YouTube, and that is when the quest for getting the proper cooking tools started. But first, the broken spatula story.

Toms Chicken Stir Fry Aug 10 2013 thomasso

Long before I started on the wok craze, I used a frying pan for most of my meals. The deal was simple, I have a very good cast iron pan, and my spatula that I have had for nearly fifteen years now. The spatula was a all metal single piece flat paddle shaped device with a plastic handle. That spatula stood the test of time. It was a perfect fit with my frying pan. The edges were round to the right diameter to help scrape off the food from the edges of the pan, and it also made cleaning the pan a snap. Most importantly was the all metal build that the spatula had, as I like to cook with high heat for most of my meals.

Well, my prized spatula broke last week. It happened while I in the middle of cooking. I was not happy. I did have a backup spatula, but that was all plastic, and I do not trust plastic.

The following day I headed out to the stores to find a replacement spatula. Walmart had plastic ones, Costco was totally useless, and Zellers had cheap garbage ones, but none of the stores that I went to that day had the all metal spatula that I was looking for. I bought a plastic flat paddle spatula with a metal handle, from the local corner store, so that had to do me in the pinch.

After a couple of days of using it, I was in Walkmart again, and saw a metal spatula that they just put on display, but it was a two piece metal flat paddle and shaft, with a plastic handle, a very cheap build. I bought it, and figured that this would do, and ended my quest. It broke yesterday!

spatula - broken thomasso

Today I decided that I would scout around on the web looking for a larger wok, and a spatula, at a store that I normally do not shop at. Up came CanadianTire on my web browser, my first choice. Like a shinning light from a distant lighthouse on the ocean of despair, up popped up the wok I was looking for the week before. Then I searched for a spatula–and VoilĂ !

spatula - full metal single peice thomasso

Not only did CanadainTire have a way better selection of cooking utensils, but their prices were actually a little better than Costco and Walmart! The nineteen inch high carbon-iron wok was only nine dollars, and both spatulas, the all metal one, and a bamboo one for the wok, together, were six bucks! With the Harper Sales Tax, the whole shopping experience landed me just under twenty dollars!

spatula - bamboo thomasso

My quest has come to an end. Not only did I find a way better grade of metal spatula, but the sought after wok, and a custom bamboo spatula too. Tomorrow I will try out the new wok with my new tools, but for now I still have a ton of leftovers from yesterday’s stir fry meal. I love making my own Chinese food! Yummy!

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