Payback to the Telemarketer

I love it when someone can break the very essence of what a telephone (scam artist) telemarketer tries to do to their victim: costing them time, data mining and hoaxing them into a scam. Most people will either just listen nicely, or just simply hang up on the caller. This may not solve the problem, but it may just add fuel to the fire because they now know your number is active, and your number maybe placed into a “active number” list. By asking lots of questions, giving out only bogus information, and doing some data mining for yourself, you are cancelling out any effort, or gain, being done by the telemarketer. But first watch the clip on YouTube of how one woman from Arizona had lots of fun with a scammer trying to collect bank accounts number from their callers. There is some naughty language in the video.

I first got this YouTube clip from a CBCnews story titled, “Arizona woman scams her telephone scammer” August 16, 2013.

Ask your self this, how did this person get my number? Odds are, they bought it from one of many legitimate businesses that you deal with; for example, your telephone provider, Banking Institution, charities, any sort of on-line competition, and of course information from off of the Internet–to name but a few. I used to work for a collection agency, and at one end of the building, there was a section of personal who did nothing all day but aggregate data for “Block of Number lists” to sell on behalf of large telecommunication companies from around the world, and we would then sell off those lists to marketing companies that could do what ever they want to with them. This is all perfectly legal in Canada, just as it is in United States of America, according to CBCnews.

You play the statistics game with these lists. Say for example you get one thousand numbers. You figure that eighty percent of them someone will answer the phone, and twenty percent will give you information. You just paid off your investment. The goal of the markers is your personal information. So, you may think that you are wining Air-miles, and money from the Government, but what you are giving out is your personal information, and more than likely, this is for criminal activities such as Identity Theft, Fraud, Larceny, and so on. Then there are marketers who will want to sell you services, and put you up on sales list where you will be asked to put up a small amount of money before hand. It is a win-win for the marketing company. But the point is, having your number listed is a sure bet that you will have marketers calling you.

Rules of Dealing With the Telemarketer (Based on my personal experience)

  1. Record your calls! I know, some phone companies say it is bad, but if it is based on criminal activity, the phone company could be a criminal element here too. Odds are, the marketing company is recording the call as well.
  2. Spend as much time as you can with them on the phone. I know this sort of defeats your busy day, but you are also defeating their busy day too. They have a thousand calls to make and only eight hours to do that in, so have fun this them, t-a-k-e   y-o-u-r   t-i-m-e.
  3. Never ever give out your true personal information. Make stuff up if you can, and be creative. Bank account, “Piggy Bank.”
  4. Do some data mining for yourself. Ask where the caller is calling from, who they work for, and how much they are making, for example. Be creative; ask personal questions. Hey, it is a two way street.
  5. You are in control.
  6. Never feel guilty if you hang up, or ignore a caller. If you are not in the mood for some phone combat, then just simply ignore them.

I hope you have enjoyed my post on my take on dealing with these scammers. Watch the video–it made me laugh! Be safe – do not get scammed!


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