New Camera, New Lens, Equals New Found Fun!

So, I got the camera, the Sony A77, and I got the lens, the 18 to 50mm F2.3 SSM, and some other add-ons that I felt I needed badly, and all of this equals, fun of course! I have new toys to play with. Waiting for the lens to show up was painful as I had the tracking number from Canada Post, but it hit a snag when it got to the Richmond, BC postal outlet. The camera, which was ordered last, actually got here first. In all, I have just spent the last two hours shooting with the A77, and trying out some of the lenses I have, including the new lens.

My Sony A77 and A33 together Aug 19 2013  thomasso 01

The A77 is a dream to shoot with. I tried a Canon, EOS 7D; sorry, Sony blows the doors off of that canon, in my humble opinion.  The A77 is a much better camera, right across the broad. I just cannot believe how fast this camera is, and quiet too! 26 MB files in RAW is just amazing.

I need so much time to work with this camera. There are so many features that I may never get to them all until my next vacation. I still have the firmware updates to do yet, so I have not even begun to experience the true performance of this camera.

Mini Mode with the Sony A77 Thomasso Aug 19 2013 sm image

The above photo is using one of the camera’s image effects mode called, “Miniature.” Very cool effect. This is a straight out of the camera JPG file, just scaled down.

The Meddow Aug 19 2013 sm image

And below, shooting in miniature effect mode, the abandon farm house just down the road from me. Another cool shot with the A77. I really like the colour from these JPGs.

Miniarure Effect with the Sony A77 Aug 19 2013 sm image

So who needs a $800.00 tilt-shift lens when you get that on a $1,500.00 camera, eh!

My photography has gone to a whole new level. A camera that does 12 frames per second with auto focus, is just so sweet. Imagen what you can do with a good telephoto lens at sporting events with 12 frame per second?

Now to look at the reat of these photos and then call it a day.

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