Summer of the White Butterfly

I can arguably say that this summer has been the summer of the White Butterfly here at my home. I call them white, but they are actually a very light green colour. There are hundreds of them over at my place and surrounding area. Today, armed with my new camera, I thought that it was time to get some shots of these allusive little creatures. Finally, after many failed attempts of capturing one with the camera, I got a series of shots using my burst-shooting option, at twelve frames per second. These are very difficult insects to shoot.

Butterfly 02 small image

I used my 28 to 300mm telephoto zoom lens in a field that had direct sunlight so that I could get as much resolution as I could: shooting at ISO100, and lots of light for a “quick enough” shutter speed to capture the wings while in flight. These butter flies are so unpredictable that if it were not for the Sony’s super quick Auto Focus, most of these shots would have been garbage. If I get too close to the butter flies, they fly away-very smart critters these butter flies.  So I am resorting to shooting at full out 300mm with this lens, and predicting where the butter files’ flight path will be while shooting. It is tough–many misses! Both the camera and lens weigh in at 1.8kg!

Butterfly 01 small image

I am still hoping to that “sweet” photo, a downward facing angle of one of these butter flies with it’s wings fully spread–the storybook pose of a butter fly.

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