A Little Retroness Today

I was pleasantly surprised when I found that after I bought my camera (Sony A77) the camera shop (when they ordered it from the factory) did the firmware update for me before I bought it. With all the software up-to-date, and I read most of the manual, I started programing some of my lenses into it. I can tweak my lenses and adjust certain parameters in each one, and the camera will store those in its memory – a very cool feature. Once the tweaking was done, I went to some of my favourite locations that I go to on foot from my  place and re shot some scenes with the new camera. This time I went with the retro and miniature effect mode; you know, to spice things up a bit.

My “retro” look in Black and White – the patio table.

A Retro Day Thomasso Aug 22 2013 small image

The funny thing about this black and white shot was that in my camera’s setting, I shot it in black and white, but when I started processing it in my favourite post editing software, Darktable, the photo appeared in colour? So this was not the same black and white look that I had in the viewfinder.

And the effect that never gets old for me:

Miniature Effect - thomasso Aug 22 2013 small image

I truly love this effect – miniature/tilt-shift lens.

I may enjoy the sunset tonight, as there are lots of clouds, but not completely overcast, so there might be a go show on for tonight. I meet some of the neatest people when up at the Look-Out on Brander Road.

Happy shooting!

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