It was a Beautiful Sunset to Watch

It was a beautiful sunset to watch, and I was glad that I made the effort to shoot it. The pictures sort of speak for themselves. There were others there too there along the aquifer by River Road in Langley, watching, enjoying the moment. Some said hi, and others just stood beside me as I snapped shot after shot of the light show. There was a women who asked many questions about shooting sunsets, and I tried my best to answer them for her. She was cute, armed with a Canon DSLR, but she only had its kit lens, but still, she did her best.

SUNSET Aug 22 2013 thomasso 01 small image

An older couple was there too, shooting the sunset with their phones. They got some good shots; I was impressed at what their phones could do. Most of the small crowd then started walking further down the road as the Sun sank below the horizon, but I stayed behind at my favourite spot. The cute women left too with them.

SUNSET Aug 22 2013 thomasso 02 small image

Then it was over.

I really like shooting the A77. In RAW format, these files are over 26 MB in size, plenty of data to work with.

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