What’s New On the Streets of Fort Langley, BC

In one word, “construction.” The main attraction is the new building being built on the Glover Road and Mavis Avenue block of Fort Langley. Just read the local news papers, listen to the people at the coffee shops, and watch as walk, drive and cycle through the town, to get a sense of the divisiveness of the it. Some like, others hate it, as there seems to be no in-between if you live here. However, the streets are alive, busy with foot traffic, and drivers, as summer creeps to an end. So I thought I would walk the streets and snap a few shots of the town from street level. It is also my revenge to the tourists who take my photo when I walk down town.

Fort Langley Aug 23 2013 d

For me, this is the creepiest statue there is. I call this the symbol of North America. No offence to the little ice-cream shop that uses it for their side walk advertising. But think about it: a kid, on top of a giant ice cream cone, eating it, and completely gorging himself of the cone; does that not imply the problem of youth today in general who are eating way too much junk food, and who are becoming obese because of it? OK, on to other photos.

Fort Langley BC Aug 23 2013 a

This is the South side of Mavis Avenue. I just about had a bird when I saw them put the trailer on top of the scaffolding. That was on top of the implementation of cement buttresses along the edges of the side walk. I sure hope those are not permanent. But. the best part of all this is the limited visibility when turning left onto Glover Road. I cringe every time I drive through here going to work.

Here is what it is like looking down the side walks. I actually like these shots.

Fort Langley Aug 23 2013 b

You are walking North on Glover Road in the above shot. The best part of this is that you will not get rain on when the fall wet season start up in September.

Fort Langley Aug 23 2013 c

And lastly, looking West on Mavis Avenue, right below the transport container above.

“Old Fort Langley is a changing,” my friend keeps saying, “you netter buckle up becuase it’s going to get expensive.”

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