Out With the Old, In Fort Langley

It was sad to see the old building piled up into a heap, but that is the sign of the times. The old gas station along the corner of Mavis Avenue and Church Street in Fort Langley has been reduced to rubble to make way for a new building. I am not sure what will be built there, but it is very near to Fort Langley’s other major building project which is well under way in terms of construction. I managed to get pictures of this building just before it was scheduled for demolition. See the before and after photos I took, with the after photo taken just today around 3:00pm.

Before, as of August 23 2013.

Building in Fort Langley Aug 23 2013 small image

And what it looks like as of today, around 3:00pm.

Building in Fort Langley Aug 26 2013 small image

The “after” photo I took while I was with my friend on our way back from Langley City, going into Glen valley. I could only take that photo while in the vehicle, as the power windows did not work on the passenger side, so I shot through the glass–sorry for the poor quality image. I wanted to get a photo of it as soon as I could and post it here. The last photos was taken along Mavis Avenue, while the “before” photo was taken right on Church Street.

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