Another One Gone: Fifty Percent Unemployed

As the title states, I lost another job, effective the end of this week, announced on Monday. The official notice is “extended leave” for the month of September, with the prospects of being called back. However, I knew this employer was not going to make it, as calls from Banks, vendors, and customers alike, all phoning and demanding answers from the office; signs of an economy that is still reeling from the crash of 08, and the constant lull in economic growth since then.  I am lucky to have my second job, a job that does not make that much of an income, but nonetheless, earns me an income. I was given notice on Monday, but I understand the situation this employer faces. They are losing everything, but hoping to start up again with a new venture and business plan. They seem to want me back, if, all goes well.

The dilemma that I face right now is not debt, or inflation, but my dependence on those around me, like my landlord, the municipality and their services that they offer. They are facing hardship, and they may rapidly change as they cope with their debt and cutting costs so they can survive. What I mean is, if one goes down, there is a cascading effect, a trickle down effect that reaches me. I have already lost one home due to a landlord who had to sell his land because of this, causing me to relocate—luckily finding the home that I am in now was awesome, and lucky!

A funny Anecdote on Attitude in the Work Place

One of the office manager said to me that I should shoulder more of the burden (of this economic crisis) because I chose not to embark down the road of living on debt/borrowed money. Of course, for my accuser, her debt load has long been in the critical zone for well over six months now—I estimate around sixty thousand, roughly pays in interest payments about three hundred per month. I did not support the economy through over spending; there for, it is people like me who helped the economy drag out like it is today, according to her.

Funny, I thought that someone would even have the nerve of making a statement like.

Strategy Plan

I am lucky that timing could not have been better for me, as the fall season is usually the busiest, so work is more plentiful. I could quickly be employed again. A friend, through social networking, has offered me a job within his company. I just have to see whether it is feasible for me to take it, as is it in another town in the Lower Mainland towards Vancouver—a very long commute.

The question is, should I hold on and wait for this employer to call me back?

Emotional State

I am good. Surprisingly, this news has not affected me like I thought it would. I am actually kind of happy—really. I am in good standing, money saved up, no debt, bills are paid, I am well for a couple of months. And just to add to the economy, I will now go into hyper low spending mode as I stop buying normal goods and services. *happy face*

6 Thoughts on “Another One Gone: Fifty Percent Unemployed

  1. That office manager… wow. That IS a lot of nerve. Since when is the idea that human beings serve the economy acceptable?

    Tell her to go pound sand.

  2. RadMan, it is just a case of a narrow minded person who was lashing out at anyone around her becuase she is put into a crisis situation.

    I’m fine. Things are good, looking positive.

    And you?

  3. Other company from Alberta is doing great Tom, growing and taking new contracts with cable companies.They pay decent wages.On this BC company is all about bad decisions.
    Glad you have your car key done for cheap. I work as a locksmith too part time 🙂 , done the training have licence.
    If you still want to take pictures with people fishing come during weekend on Vedder – Keith Wilson bridge.I might be there :d

  4. Thanks Dan,

    How about we get together later on in September. If there is still fishing going on, perhaps the last two weekends we can go down to the river. That is when I will have more time freed up. You fish, and I will take pictures. Sound like a plan? Let me know.

  5. sure , will let you know 🙂

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