Broken Key

I am having a very bad afternoon. As I was leaving from work to go home, I dropped my keys. When I went to picked them up, and insert the key into the door, something was not quite right.

Broken Key - Aug 28 2913 sm image

I went back to the spot to where I dropped the keys, and luckily found the end that broke off.

I asked my employer if he had any strong glue, and maybe I could do a quick fix, but he recommended that I go to a locksmith. He said that they can make a new key, even if the old one is broken, and that it would only be something like five dollars.

The cool part was that he drove me to a locksmith in Langley City. The whole trip, include getting the key cut, was less than twenty mins.

So, if you break a key like I did, do not fret–a locksmith, or key cutting place, can fix it.

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