A Rainy Day: So Refreshing

I do feel refreshed, as rain is beading down my windows, and the sound of rain drops hitting my roof is putting me to sleep. We are now back to normal rain time weather, which is kind of nice since we were rain deprived for almost a whole month, and then another month’s worth of “little rain” periods since then. The forest around says it needs it–badly.

Rainy Windows in Summer Aug 29 2013 small image

Also, last week I was taking shots of some of the old wooden buildings that are around me on the farm. Some of these buildings are nearing one hundred years old, and were from a time when farming and fishing were the only industry in these parts. I thought it would be nice to photograph some of them, just to preserve their legacy. When I show them to my landlord and get their history, I will post them. For now I want to organizes them. But this photo is the side of the well house, created from the previous occupants of where I live now.

Fishing Gear - Thomasso - Aug 27 2013 small image

Black and white is so cool for old wooden buildings. This shot was taken with a 30mm lens, in very low light becuase of the large trees all around it–it was also overcast out. I shot this with my Sony A77, using ISO 1600, at f5.

I think I see the grass starting to turn green again? LOL.

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