Apple Harvest Time

I did the “harvesting of apples” from the apple tree beside my place this afternoon. As a condition from my landlord, I could keep the apples from it, so I decide to pick them today. The tree appeared to be ready for the picking, as some of the branches were sagging right to the ground, and the apples looked big enough to eat. I was so proud of them, that I set up the photo studio, and took a few shots of them, just for prosperity. They taste awesome!

My Apples from the Tree August 31 2013 small

I use DarkTable to do my post editing of my RAW files, so I decided that I would show the program’s watermark. It also does the Global Positioning (GPS) for each image, but I decided that this was too much information. The GPS, using DarkTable, pulls up a map of the world, pin-pointing your exact location, which is kind of creepy.

Here is another studio shot of the apples.

Glen Valley Apple Aug 31 2013 small

And a shot of the entire haul of apples from just that tree.

Two Bags of Apples Aug 31 2013 small

I have about a months worth of apples here!

There are three things I can say about these apples: they are very fresh, very local, and very organic.

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