Going Through Old Photos

I took some time today cleaning up my P.C., as I am about to transfer my photo library onto another drive for archiving. In this year alone I have well over seven thousand RAW images taken from my cameras, and several thousand more images of JPEG and PNG files from post production projects, all adding up to a whopping half a Terabyte of disk space. I think most photographers like to delete their unwanted files, but I just cannot do that. I guess this is my hoarding obsession disorder that I keep in my closet.

Summer Sunset Thomasso Photography small

The above image was taken several weeks ago, just when I got my Sony A77, so i was pretty proud of shooting this sunset with it, but the problem of using such a nice camera is you just go overboard on shooting. Sure I tried different setting and walked around the park that I was shooting from, but I still ended up with several look-a-likes.

The lesson here is, I am going to shoot a lot of images, but I think I got over that mind-set of “just taking a few photos” becuase so many files is just a waste of time and disk space. With digital cameras, and having a shutter that will last over 300,000 shutter actuations, wrapping the counter a few dozen times is just a walk in the park. And hard-drives so cheap, why not have a few terabytes of photos. Who know, I may go back and look through them, like I do from time to time, and could find that magic image that might (just might) define me as a photographer.

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