Soaker, But it was Great!

Got a soaker today. Yeah, I know, is this worthy of a blog post? Well, yes it is becuase it is a great segue into showing off some of my photos I took today. We seem to be back to our normal type of weather, rain, probably lasting until next summer, but the rain is a bit different after a good long summer. We had a good soaker this morning, and then the Sun came out, giving the plants a really nice vibrant look to them. It is like the colours were revealed after layers of dust and dirt that covered them were removed. The colours just stuck out.

Summer Rain in Fort Langley Sept 03 2013 small

With the Sony A77, I have a shutter speeds of 1/8000 of a second, so shooting water drops in natural light is now possible, and I found out by accident. However, I was not after that super high-speed action shot, just those dreamy, water ripple, shots that I seem to do hung up on.

I was hoping for some lightning too, but I highly doubt we will get any tonight, as the sky just seems generally overcast with a few breaks. But if there is lightening, you can bet I will head out to try an capture it. I have set up my camera (programmed it) for shooting lightning, and I am eager to try and get some shots.

OK, the puddle shot I like.

Playing in the Puddles Sept 03 2013 small

What is so cool about this shot is that it was shot in very low light, beside my SUV, and I was using a 28 to 300mm lens set around the 200mm mark. So, I believe that ISO is at 1600, and F6.3, with a shutter speed of 1/250 of a second. The dreamy water effect I like.

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