I Paint the Air With Light

I got into painting with a flashlight this evening. First just waving the light in the air making patterns, and setting the shutter for the best exposure. Then I started painting myself and other objects, and things got really interesting. It was cool, light painting, and I have a bunch of ideas I want to do later on, maybe this weekend. But first, what painting with a flash light looks likes on my face–a self portrait of sorts.

Light Painting on Face Thomasso Photography Sept 4 2013 small

It looks very “Halloween” like; very creepy the way I got the eyes in this shot. This is a straight up RAW photo with no post editing converted into a PNG file. I was wearing a black sweater with a hood so my hair was covered, and I used a high-key black back drop. I used a five second exposure, with a 30mm macro lens on my Sony A77, with about F11, at ISO100, and a small, blue, LED flashlight as my light source.

The next image was just me experimenting with the flashlight, seeing how many loops I could get before the shutter closed after a five second exposure.

Light Painting on Air Sept 04 2013 Thomasso Photo small

Now that I think about it, I never spelled out my name! Next time.

Looks like we are getting some thunder and lightning tonight. I would love a shot of some lightning shooting from a cloud. Lightning is rare here in the Lower Mainland/Vancouver area. Something to do with the temperature from the Pacific Ocean making the average temperature too even for dramatic weather events like storm clouds with lightning from them. Anyway, I hope I get a lucky shot!

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