Taking the Camera into Town

I shot up a storm in town today. I had to hang in town because I had to collect some paperwork from my old insurance company before I did my second trip into Vancouver to deliver the documents my new insurance company, at their head office. A lot of bureaucratic crap today, but at least I soothed the stress by shooting some street photography. So, without further ado.

Fort Langley Sept 7 2013 01 small image

I know, I shot this statue before, but I had better light, and a better shot, so why not? Below, more street photography. The side-walks were packed with people. Most were just looking through windows, but the Ice-cream shop was full.

Fort Langley Sept 7 2013 02 small image

Fort Langley Sept 7 2013 03 small image

Ah yes, construction. It is happening, the new three storey building is under way. I thought that they were going to gig the basement deeper?

Fort Langley Sept 7 2013 04 small image

Above, looking at Glover Road, right where the old IGA store was. Below, the East side of the New Lee’s Market, same company as the old IGA.

Fort Langley Sept 7 2013 05 small image

OK, the plant shot was not in Fort Langley, but right in along my driveway. I like the shot–all natural light!

Fort Langley Sept 7 2013 06 small image

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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