Too Much On My Mind – Part 2

All of my running around is done. So this post is just about the funny photos I can make rather than going into a full head-on diatribe about adventure. And I am not going to get into how awful my day is going so far, so I am just sticking with the art that represents my sum total emotional state thus far. I need some “cooling off” time before I post that topic.

Feeling Weird - Too Much In the Brain Sept 7 2013 Image 2  small image

I hope you are smiling! The photo makes me laugh too.

If you are wondering about how I made this image, here are details. I used GIMP, a free and open source photo program, very close to the proprietary software that most people associate photo manipulation with. To distort my face, I used a plugin called “IWARP” and for my eyes, I used the gradient tool, using the spiral setting with full saturation colour mode.  There are many tutorials on how to do this.

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