Too Much on the Mind

It has been a crazy day, and it is still just noon. I think my head is going to explode. Not from any illness, but from just having way too much on my mind. All this running around is also costing my a huge ton of money too, like driving into Vancouver, then over to my auto insurer, and back again, plus finding out that some of my insurance rates have gone up, and that is with maxing out all of the deductions one can get in this part of the country on those rates.

Feeling Weird - Too Much In the Brain Sept 7 2013 small image

I am back at home (me typing away here on the blog) waiting to go back Vancouver to complete all of the tasks I started early this morning. I am preparing for a huge rant that I will post later on today. I have some huge issues with some of the companies that I am dealing with, especially my auto insurance company that messed up on my coverage policy from last term.

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