Now that I have all the critical tasked done from yesterday, the new week  now seems blasé now. What am I going to do with myself? With the main job/employment on hold, or promised to start up again towards the end of the month, all I have are my little chores, helping with the neighbours with their farm, to keep me busy and put food on the table. So I have some time on my hands to think — that is scary when you have time to do that — stuff happens inside one’s thoughts.

Distorted Face - Sick and Twisted small image

On one hand I feel kind of sick and twisted, while on the other, liberated and free, with the splash of solitude mixed in. I caught myself whistling Iron Maden songs while cleaning the dead leaves from off of the patio. I have not whistled in a very long time. I actually decided not to watch any of the Dr. Who episodes on TV from the Dr. Who show marathon that ran today for twelve hours. I love Dr. Who! I am completely drinking tea as my source of caffeine. I have not gone without a cup of coffee in…, well…, a very long time, say decades.

On a lighter note, I found a spider that was perfect for a photo. This guy was weaving his web right along the rose bushes, so I thought that this was a good scene with great bokeh on the background, light , and composition. I had taken the shot even closer of the spider with my 30mm macro lens, but the focal plane was just too narrow to get the whole spider in focus at that distance, so I posted the long shot. It is still a 1:1 ratio with the macro, so at 3cm, that is roughly his real life size.

Spider Shot - small image

So, anyway, it has been a blasé kind of day. I hope I get some work soon because I feel I maybe starting to climb the walls soon if I do not get out and do something; not that I do nothing here at home, but I never leave. I need that social interaction. I cannot believe that I admitted that. Yes, blasé….

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