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I finally got the photo shoot done with the lovely Cindy, the model who wanted some portfolio shots done. With over 270 shots, in two locations, it was a task-in-a-half. We started around 10:00am, and ended around noon, just in time before the Sun moved in and changed the lighting on me. First we set up at my place, then went to my second location in Abbotsford. I have about two days of post editing before I am done.

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Cindy was lovely to photograph. I promised that I would complete the post editing before we decided what to keep. We agreed that I would narrow it down to about thirty, then we would choose ten. Once that was done, narrowing it down to five of six, then which ones to publish. The post editing is going to be difficult becuase she is what she calls herself as a “strawberry blonde,” which translated means, she is loaded with freckles on her nose and cheek bones; and she wants them toned down as much as possible. To bad, I like the freckles.

The first location was here at my place, out on the lawn. The farm behind me has a road which runs along the fence, and as I was ready to start shooting, the strobes attracted a couple of young boys who stood and watched. They said some naughty comments at one point. This irritated Cindy becuase, well, it was hard for her to have an audience. So I decided that it was time we would move onto the second location. It was too bad because I had better light and scenery here at my place.

The second location was a friend’s place, a farm out in Abbottsford, and we were lucky to have the place to ourselves when we were shooting. This made shooting a lot better for both of us. Cindy was not good shooting with people around her–good thing we were not shooting on the street-side

I used a combination of a reflector and three strobes: 2 x 300wt strobes with soft-boxes, and a 800 wt key light with a translucent umbrella. I shot with a 80mm macro, and a 38 to 100mm zoom lens for both sets. I used a pocket wizard for my RF trigger with three transmitter, one for each strobe.

Cindy was a great model to shoot. She was very dynamic, and pulled off great posses. I had to do very little to motivate her to give me the shots I wanted. I hope these pics can be published–we worked hard!

Now I need to stay focused. I am only through the first batch, and still have about 100 to go through yet. Caffeine-more….

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