Summer Dogs

Finished the post production work of my latest venture in Photography land. The model was super happy; I got paid, all is good. It was hard working at home while the Sun was out, probably the last great day of summer as it was hot enough for me to turn the air-conditioner on, but it was worth it. I also took some time going through the photos I shot yesterday when I talk my walk along the trails in Fort Langley.

Summer Dogs

Hot Dogs Cooling Off Sept 10 2013 small image

I should have spent some time down at the river cooling off instead of being locked up in here at home.

Forgotten Shoes

This sort of caught me off guard when right in the middle of the trail, by the river, were these two pairs of shoes. They seemed abandon, as there was no one around. Obviously children’s shoes, they were probably forgotten when it was time to to go home. It made for a great photo. Yes, I think it is a great photo–there is a story here.

Forgotten Shoes Sept 10 2013 small image

Floating Away

This guy just made me laugh. He was just floating down the river on his inflatable lawn chair, minding his own business. When I got to the river, he had just floated away from the bridge, and when I got back from my walk, he was just rounding the last bend, way down stream, before he was out of sight.

At Drift On The Fraser River Sept 10 2013 small image

I hope he never got capsized by a water skier or speedboat.

Anyway, hope you liked the photos. By the way, each one of these photos uses the “rule of thirds” in their composition, and a 9:16 format.

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