I Can’t Get It Out: Bloger’s Block

I am stuck. I tried writing a couple of posts already today, but my heart was just not into the initial writing part of the effort. Part of the problem is my eyes. I am getting treatment on them, but I have to wait, and live with one eye extremely blurry with anything less than a metre in front of me. I have lots to say, just no super will power to get it out.

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At first I wanted to write about the Quebec government’s newly drafted proposal called the “Chart of Value” as written by CBCnews.ca, but that fell short becuase I am undecided as to which side of the argument to take. It is a sticky issue to bring up, because for me, at one time or another, I have had seriously negative encounters in the workplace regarding certain types of *Charter issues. I can see a government using an issue like this (by the Parti Québécois government) so that it can keep the public agenda in its control, as oppose to what is going on, say with the Federal Government’s Senate Gate. Hey, the public opinion is what makes Canada’s political landscape, and semantics, attack-ads, and perception, seem to be key elements in a winning government today.

Then I wanted to write about my world of employment, and how that is in a constant state of flux. One moment I feel confident, then the next the whole game changes. Again, I know I rant about this all of the time, but corporate debt, along with personal debt, are the evils of our current time and generation. As the right-wing think-tanks say social welfare is costing us to much, then I counter that with saying that corporate welfare is costing us twice as much. There is a reason why I have such a limited relationship with Banks at a personal level, and I wish most businesses would adopt my values too when it comes to their Banking relationships. You only screw those around with your foolish overspending.

At one point I wanted to write about my latest venture into photography. As much as I wanted to show off my last few gigs, I owe it to my clients to keep those images out of the public sphere until once they are made public though their intended channels. So I wait. It is painful because I want to show the world my work. I think it is cool.

Lastly, becoming increasingly board, I resorted to doing cheesy little animation using my web cam, and a technique called top motion animation.

Mysterious Ball of Tape animation

I call it the “Mysterious Ball of Tape.”

If you are wondering how I did this, here is the procedure. Take a bunch of still photos of an object, changing it’s position in every frame. Next, I use a command-line program (works on all platforms) called Imagemacik, and there is a short tutorial, “Creating an Animated GIF Image” that you can follow. And voilà, you are done.

So there you have it. A post on a little of something, but mostly on nothing. Now to Tweet about this! LOL!

* Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982.

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