Intersting Photo I think

After my epic journey of cleaning my camera’s sensor yesterday, I went out into the valley, down the road, to shot a few shot with it. It is nice having no more little black dots in my photos. While shooting, I came across a pumping station which had its pump running, filling a holding pond full of water. Without using a speed light to get a fast shutter speed, I was able to get some very quick speeds while still staying within the 100 to 200 ISO range. The only light I had was the setting Sun behind me (which I was in the Golden Hour) and the light was almost prefect, but it was getting dark fast.

Gushing Water Sept 2013 small image

So, here is the technical stuff about the image: Taken at a 180mm focal length using my 28-300mm Sigma lens. f-stop is F6.3 at ISO 400, with a shutter speed of 1/320s, using a Sony A77.

I was thinking that this, and some of the other photos I took could be used as stock images for people who might need them for doing stuff like power-point presentation, ads and print media?

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