Leaves Are a Falling

It seems it was like just yesterday when summer started, and now, just as the season started, and we were getting used to it, fall is now taking its place. The leaves on the giant maple tree that is right by my home are chaining into their fall colours now, and have started to fall to the ground with each gust of wind. Today it is grey and gloomy with overcast sky, but it is not raining (yet) and it is still warm. The days overall are noticeably shorter too now. Another Six months of Canadian winter is nearing–sigh.

FALL Leaves 2013 B small image

I caught this leaf in free-fall, totally by fluke.

Side note: I have to water mark my photos becuase people are steeling them for their own websites. If you want to used one of my photos, just ask, and depending on the usage I am pretty reasonable. Just ask.

Although the majority of the forest is green, there are a few trees that are showing the autumn colours. These trees are first signs of the change.

FALL Leaves 2013 A small image

And with this change comes lots of raking to come.


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