Light Modifire

I am going back to basics as far as light modifiers goes. When I shooting models, I was using between two and three strobes, and at least one reflector. Indoors, on this rainy, stormy, evening, I thought I would go back to the very first softbox I ever owned and see if I could improve my eye for contrast with just that unit. It is like the “one light – photography”!

Keys and Paper Weight - small image

With just a 300 watt strobe, and this all-purpose, collapsible 36 x 36 inch softbox made by NTR Studio Gear, which is collapsible into its own pouch, I was able to get instant super results on my fist shots. I had forgotten how fast it was to set this softbox up. It has no rods, clips or requires fanciers to keep it stable once built. It can mount onto a battery powered speed-light, or a studio strobe with a universal mount.

The softbox’s purpose is to defuse the light, and this one does the job nicely. I should have taken this along more often instead of it staying on my case of photography gear. The photo, above, is just some objects sitting on a regular piece of typing paper with the light (set at its lowest power) about a metre away. My keys never looked so good.

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