Doing Fake Ads

I was inspired by an article that I read back in university about about the effects of ads on children, and how there seems to be a connection between having a short attention span caused by the ads. I cannot find the article to quote it, or give its source, but that article inspired me to create an ad of my very own. So here it is, a combination of studio photography and graphic art.

Fallen Leaf small image

The real effort was putting the leaf on the white background, then building graphics around the subject in the photo. Shooting this leaf on a white piece of paper using just one flash gun along with a softbox was just too easy. When it came time to edit it, I had to do very little with the background as the colour was consistent throughout the photograph. I used DARKTALBE for my initial editing of the RAW file, then GIMP to touch up the photo, then INKSCAPE to create the graphics (letters and shadowing), then back to GIMP to resize, and then scale down. The image took about 20 minutes from start to finish, and editing the graphics took about a half hour. The leaf was a random one chosen from off of my patio deck.

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