White Balance Blues

I took some time from my super busy schedule to work in the studio this morning. Kind of like taking some “me” time after a frustrating first few hours of B.S., dealing with prospective employers on the phone and through Skype. Anyway, I used a flash sync cable on my Sony A77 for the first time. I thought it would be exactly the same method, and operation, as using a RF flash trigger (which I normally use) but it was not. The White Balance (WB) has to be set manually every time you change lenses, reposition the lights and change the backdrop, and use a sync cable, or very bad things start happen. The camera even told me that that WB was not set, but it was on. So I referred to the owner’s manual for details.

Burs - Shot In Studio - Tom Hall Photography small image

I did a lot of things different in this shot. For the first time I set the ISO to 50, I used a flash sync cable, a single 300 watt flash gun (it is the smallest one I have now), and I had to look up my flash gun colour output number. According to the operations manual, the camera’s auto white balance will not work once the camera is tethered to a flash gun using a sync cable. It will just say, “WB” is on, indicated with the icon through the viewfinder. Once I set the WB using the manual set-up, the photos magically appeared–super vibrant thought the viewfinder as compared to before!

Setting the WB to flash does nothing on this camera, you have to get in their and move more settings (in flash WB) around to make it work. My flash guns have a specific light colour output, and if I match the WB settings to match those colour values of the flash gun, then the photos looks awesome.

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