Walk Cycle Animated in Blender!

Today I had a major breakthrough creating an walk cycle animation done in Blender. I successfully completed my very first walk cycle! Sure, it looks choppy and irregular, but I found some really helpful video tutorials on the web that broke down the best process for getting the walk cycle done, and working with the dope-sheet and key-frames, without having to animate every frame and hope that it is asymmetrical.

This walk cycle is only 24 frames long, and uses 6 poses. Using a hand-drawn stick figure pose chart made the difference in placing the mash (and rig) object in the right position. Now that I understand what I was doing wrong in my past attempts, working on refining this bit of animating is a giant leap forward for me.

First I have to give credit to the model’s creator becuase it is not mine. A contributor at BLENDER SWAP, by the name of Pablo created it, called the Chibi Girl. It is a great demonstration model to work with because it is already fully rigged.


It is awesome to finally have the time to figure this out. Now the possibilities are endless in animation. I just need to become more proficient with modelling in Blender.

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