Time-Out for Five Minutes

Yesterday I took a break from all the worries going on in my little life, tucked away in some obscure space in the universe, to recharge my mental batteries. It is an unsettling feeling when so much change goes on in ones life, especially when you do not know what will happen next from day to day. Like a friend once told me, “welcome to the new era in our great big world,” referring to how fast change is taking place in technology. I wanted to get away from all of that, and just retreat for a while. So I did.

Old Bamboo Wind Chimes Sept 2013 Tom Hall Photo small image

Every day when it is windy out, I hear these bamboo wind chimes, chiming away, making what sound like Chinese classic music, but in a chaotic manner. They sound soothing, and have sort of a relaxing effect to them. They were originally left my the former occupants of this farm, and were hanging from a tree near the forest edge. I took them, and hung them on my awning by my front door so that I could hear them.

Walking on the sand is always a treat. Getting down to the beach,and taking the shoes off, and letting the sand get between the toes, is so refreshing. I do not get down here often enough.

Cooling Off at the Beach Sept 2012 Tom Hall Photo small image

Fall is fast approaching. It is much cooler now, and the days are noticeably shorter. I had to sleep with my quilted comforter the last couple of nights becuase it was cool in the mornings. Now, I am up before the Sun, and the Sun sets long after I go to sleep.

The last full moon of summer. It was pretty, but way to many clouds to fully appreciate it, especially what I wanted to photograph it.

Full Moon Sept 2013 - Fort Langley BC small image

Here is to the last days of summer. Next Monday (September 22, 2013) is when we change to the fall season. So I have four more days to make the most of it.

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