Admiring My Architecture Photogarphy

Photographing building, or architecture photography, is another little thing I like to do. I went out into New Westminster, British Columbia, with a friend who was driving, so I got to ride “shotgun” which allowed my to shot photos while he drove through the down town core. So the photo below is the Royal City Centre in down town New Westminster.

Royal City Centre in New Westminster Sept 19 2013 small image

I have to admit, this is a really nice shot, especially knowing that I shot this through the wind shield of my friend’s truck. When I looked up New Westminster on the Wikipedia website, it shows the same building complex, but from the West side on 6th Street.

Another Shot that I wish I had time to walk about and found a better position from, is this shot of the big flag in Surrey, British Columbia along 104th Street. This flag, and flag pole are huge! Getting a shot without power lines in the view is almost impossible without some serious scouting around.

Canada Flag is Surrey BC on 104 Sept 19 2013 small image

And again, shooting this through a wind shield of my friend’s truck.

I was admiring building shots that I took in New Westminster. I took about fifty shots of the down town area, but it was hard to get the Sun at the right position, or not shooting through the wind shield. Most of the photos did not turn out that great becuase of the specks of dirt and light reflecting on the wind shield.

A Barber Shop in New Westminster Sept 19 2013 small image

There are lots of old buildings in this town. The city is inbuilt on a  hill, making flat land hard to find around it, so you have to learn how to park on slops, and have a very good emergency brake on your vehicle, or your parked car will end up on the main street, or in the river. This place reminds me of Prince Rupert, British Columbia with all of the hilly streets and old buildings.

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