Asking for Llama Photo Help

I took this photograph of a llama last week and I thought that this would make for some sort of funny caption photo to post on the net. I have so many ideas for it that I am having troubles as to which one to decide that does not suck. Here is the photo, and below are some of the funny quotes I feel would look good on the photo. Hey, give me a hand if you like in choosing one, or if you got a funny quote, hey, put it in the comments.

Lama Life Sep 20 2013 small image

  1. Hey, that’s my car!
  2. Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup.
  3. OK kids, knock it off.
  4. Holy Cow, I just seen Justin Bieber.
  5. Honey, I didn’t meant it like that; I love you!
  6. Oh for crying out loud!
  7. What do you mean they’ve added a hair surtax!
  8. Yeah, yeah, I’ll be there in a minute: can’t you give an old guy a break!
  9. This is my spot–I was here first!
  10. Back off buddy, don’t be kicking dirt on my swag!
  11. I’ve been waiting in line since 5:00am for this Blackberry sale. Damn it, I want one–now!
  12. Leave me alone, I have a headache.
  13. Don’t you ever say I have a mullet!
  14. Is that a lawnmower?
  15. NO–Way!

Throw some of your ideas for the llama down in the comments!

NOTE: Yes, I had written Llama as Lama, but either way, it worked, but totally changed my meaning. So it is corrected.

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