Falling Hearts Blender Render

If you want to impress the ladies with Blender, then create scenes like this one below. A while back, me and some friends were looking on line for some clip art to use on an ad for a dance at the campus, and I came upon an old Blender post that had these heart shaped meshes shooting outwards using the Blender Partial System. My friends did not know what all this program mumbo-jumbo was, but they sure liked the photos at the time, but we could not use them becuase the colour scheme and resolution did not work with the ad’s look and feel. So we moved on to other art work to pillage and copy.

Falling Hearts in Blender 2 6 Using Depth of Field and Partical System - small image

I had seen about 4 different variations of this type of scene on the web, so I am not inventing anything new here.  In fact, the mesh that I used in the above image was one that I took from the Blender Swap site a long time ago, and modified it slightly. The idea of using the Blender Particle System is also not new either, as someone had already thought up the idea, but I used a totally different colour scheme, and added a focus blur to give the miniature effect.

When I finished the scene and rendered it, I sent a copy of it to one of the members of the events committee. She loved it. She asked if I could create a scene so that she could use as a desktop image for her P.C. and laptop. I just had to tweak the size and add a ton of pinks into the colours scheme. It was not until yesterday that I heard back from her, when she said that they (the Events Committee) might want to go for the idea of using a full size 3D poster for their 2014 programs because the ad company that they are contracted with now just raised their cots by over 30 percent.Using the Hearts scene might be what they are looking for.

Of course, someone could create an idea on paper, and have it reproduced in a 3D rendering program like Blender. The possibilities are endless. Anyway, this gave my friend something to chew on for her ads.

This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.


If you are interested in trying your hand at 3D art, and why not try out BLENDER. It is free, open source, and runs on all platforms. It is very well maintained and updated rigorously.

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