Plum Tree

After living here for nearly ten months now, today I discovered that there is plum tree across the lawn (field) from my house. After all this time. There was just but one single plum left on the tree; the tree was picked clean, except for the rotten ones that landed on the ground. I wondered why the squirrels were always over on that side of field, hopping from tree to tree climbing to that particular tree, and yet they never venture over onto this side.

Plum Tree - Sept 2013 - Tom Hall Photography small image

I did not even know that plum trees even grew in around here, let alone what they looked like. At first I thought that this was an over sized grape, but grapes do not grow on trees like this one. This plum was the only one left on the tree. I am guessing that the squirrels will have this one eaten very soon, since they have pick this tree almost clean already.

I know that it is the squirrels becuase I have seen them at this tree regularly as I can see the tree directly from my front door. For most of the year I thought that this place was void of the little bushy long tailed rodents, but if there is a food source, then there are squirrels. I believe that the squirrels live elsewhere, and that they come here only for the plums. The farm next to me has many walnut trees growing on it, so I believe that this is where they must come from.

Perhaps next year I will put squirrel guards on the tree, and maybe, just maybe I will have a plum harvest then? I like plums.

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