Rainy Day Cleaning

It was a stormy day, and really there was nothing better to do but stay inside and keep busy; so I cleaned, and from that I did a massive dump-run from all the clutter collected during my housework. I am amazed on two levels. First, how much stuff one can collect over the years, and claim that one day it will becuase really useful. Second, how well I can hide it. I mean I have stuff stuffed inside books, file folders, shoe-boxes, and big plastic bins. When I took the trailer down tot he reclamation depot, I had over 100 kg of junk that I dumped off!

What were some of the times that surprised me that I still had kicking around? The interesting were the old gas receipts I kept back in the days when I worked Shunt driver. I had to keep my log books and gas slips becuase we could be given spot checks at any time from the Transport Authorities. These slips date back to 1993. Why I hung onto these is beyond me. There were a stack of slips and log booklets to fill an entire shoebox with.

Next were hundreds of pages of newspaper clippings. Most of these were from my undergrad classes when I was majoring in Criminology, but a good third of the volume was from just general interest items that I thought were interesting at the time. Again, the space that all of these clippings took up was two large boxes once I piled them all together.

Parts were the next cumbersome items to deal with. Old screws, nuts and bolts, pieces of write, special plug adaptors for electrical devices, and so on, I had nearly 10 kg in weight. Oddly, once I stared sifting through all the metal bits, I think I recovered about five dollars worth of pennies too. Even though Canada has stopped make the little copper coin, I see them living on in piggy banks for decade to come. The reclamation depot had a special spot for these types of items, so I am hoping that they get recycled and go to the better home.

Kwantlen Calendar from spring 2003 small image

It was fun to see some of these old relies from days gone by again, but my mission was to clean and throw out, not keep and reorganize. So everything went, even this old collage calendar from when I first embarked on my academic adventures.

Magically I feel better now that I did this massive clean. It is like cleaning the cobwebs from inside your mind, you feel regenerated, invigorated, and most importantly, feeling organized and with room to grow again. My vow is to shrink my footprint, and live in a minimal state of material possession. I think after today, I achieved almost fifty percent of that goal! Damn do I feel good about that.

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