Ushering in October

Ushering in October here on the old weblog. It is raining, but it is a lot better than the last couple of days from when we had an early winter storm that walloped us with rain and wind over the weekend. Perhaps a prelude to what it in store for us for this up coming winter? Who knows. Either way, the warm lazy days of summer are long gone, and our second season is now under-way (fall + Winter + spring).

However, October is a good month despite the crummy weather and having to spend more time indoors. This was the month that I was born in. I can only assume that January was a fun month for my parents… heh-hem, but that is another story for another time and place–heh heh. My zodiac sign is Libra. With the changes to how the national holidays work in Canada, my B-Day sometimes falls on or near an undisclosed religious holiday, that I call, “Tom’s Day.” I like Tom’s Day because everyone gives me thanks for just being around. I am cool with that. (I will probably regret writing that.)

October Colours Oct 1 2013 Tom Hall Photo small image

October here on the West Coast of British Columbia means very colourful scenery as the trees change and drop their leaves. In about three weeks (I calculate) where I live will be filled with yellows and orange along every hill side and mountain side, as far as the eye can see. You can bet that I will be out taking tons of photos, trying to capture that perfect image of colour and contrast that makes this place so awesome to live.

Oh yes, Halloween, the highlight of my year. I love Halloween. In my humble opinion, Halloween should be declared a national holiday. Sometimes I dress up in costumes, but most of the time I wonder the town with my camera taking images of people in their costumes, and to shoot the fireworks and festive displays along the streets like jack-o-lanterns and scary Halloween sets in store windows. Some people get right into it around here, like one home whose entire yard was one big haunted house.

One last tradition that goes hand-in-hand October, or the fall season in general, and that is, raking. Now that I live in a place that is surrounded with huge maple trees, it seems that there will be lots of raking in the days to come for me. Wunderbar… Not!

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