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For the last few months I have been asking, “where is McLellan Park,” following maps, directions from the news papers here in Langley Township, and then finally emailing the organization who call themselves “Watchers of Langley Forests,” or W.O.L.F., for directions. I contacted the Chair of W.O.L.F., Mr. Kirk Robertson, listed in one of the articles from the Langley Times about the park, and Kirk then emailed me back, even offering me a guided tour of the land.

McLellan Park in Glen Valley Oct 6 2013 CI came wanting to photographing trees, and McLellan Park, which is technically not a park in the strictest sense, did not disappoint. Some of the old growth forest is still vibrant, and there are trees that are massive and beautiful of all shapes and sizes There are many different  species, and as my guide pointed out, there are several different ecosystems intertwined on this parcel of land.

McLellan Park Oct 6 2013 B

Like any place in nature, if you do not stop and look around, you miss everything. Of course having the expert help of a guide showing you around does not hurt enjoying the sights and places of interests in the least. In fact, I highly recommend asking W.O.L.F. for guided tours, or at least contacting them for details. I would have missed a lot of the shots I took today if it were not for having someone showing me around the land. Take for example the image below; I would have missed this if it were not pointed out to me.

Birds Nest Oct 6 2013 McLellan Park

Most of the shots I took today were more or less test shots for some up coming projects I have. Today was a scouting mission, searching for some good locations that I can use for those projects. People seem to like the massive tree photos, and finding good locations near by me is tough. Now that I know McLellan Park is just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from where I live, I now have the luxury of choosing the time of day, and a day with awesome weather conditions, to get the optimum light for my shots. I have my trees picked out that I want to shoot.

McLellan Park Glen Valley Oct 6 2013 A

McLellan Park Glen Valley Oct 6 2013 D

If you wish to contact W.O.L.F., please email Mr. Kirk Robertson at scalkiro@gmail.com He is the Chair person, and was my guide for today. He is a wealth of information, and he knows a lot of the history, and people, of this land. He is also a local resident of these parts too. I highly recommend contacting W.O.L.F. if you want to check out this place.

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