Wanderer: Finding Peace Through the Lens

Since today was a beautiful one, complete with lots of Sun, blue sky and fairly quiet in the down town area of Fort Langley. I decided to go a on a photo spree near, and around, Marina Park, the North end of town. I had spent time dealing with some tasks that needed my attention over in Surrey, BC today , so on my way home I took some time to do some walking around to relieve some stress. So, a little street photography, mixed in with some nature shots was my cure for my ferrous running around I did earlier.

The Tower at the Fort Pub and Gril in Fort Langley - Oct 8 2013

The Tower at the Fort Pub and Grill along Glover Road in Fort Langley (Above). The Fraser River taken from Glover Road on the bridge (Below).

The Fraser River and Bre Island from Glver Road - Oct 8 2013

The Fort Pub and Grill, looking South on Glover Road.

The Fort Pub and Grill on Glover Road in Fort Langley - Oct 8 2013

And lastly, some flowers along the foot path across from the Bedford House restaurant, on my way back to Mariana Park from where I was parked.

Flowers by the Bedford House restaurant Oct 8 2013

I may go on another excursion later this afternoon, taking my camera into Langley City, BC; lots going on down there.

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