Leaps and Bounds in Blender Topology

I am just learning so much, so fast, using this software called Blender that I am scaring myself with some of the art work I can produce in 3D from it. Now that I have a good understanding of how the topology sculpting tools work in Blender, I feel I have been elevated into the next level of great tool. I still have a long ways to go in perfecting my sculpting, but I am getting it, becoming more creative, getting my scenes to look more realistic, but it just took me “mentally” of getting over that hump. Still, I am moving forward, by leaps and bounds. This scene of the “Boss Pumpkin” took me only a total of three hours to sculpt, and I did this over a three day period. I could go on and make it even more detailed, but I decided to leave this and move onto other projects that I have been cooking up in my mind that I want to try and create them in Blender.

BOSS PUMPKIN 10 small image

Three weeks ago this render would have been unthinkable for me to do like this.

I originally wanted to do a Halloween scene, with pumpkins and other scary creatures, but then I got carried away with animating some of my earlier meshes and scenes from months ago. So, animation has been my venture into the world of 3D art. I will still do something for Halloween, such as images for my websites and possible posters, but for now, I will focus on a process called “Rigging” for animating objects. This is cool and exciting stuff, so I am looking forward to the challenges.

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