Disconnected: Incorrectly Measuring

If you are wondering, I was without Internet for most of the day due to a faulty cable. It was me incorrectly cutting into a wall with my reciprocating saw, trying to winterize my water pipes. I did a massive plumbing job three weeks ago, and now I have to get the pipes buried and insulated underneath the crawl space where the pipes are exposed. When cutting, I disconnected my cable, which took out my Internet and phone. Call it a bad case of miss measuring my lengths, and using a jiffy marker instead of a fine pencil. I was out a full 5cm, or about 2 inches for my old school friends.

Exclamtion - small image

Anyway, I did a temporary fix on the cable just to get everything running for today. Tomorrow, I will buy some cable connectors and patch my cable so that it will at least become permanent and solid again. Damn good thing that there were no high voltage lines running through, or I would have a totally different hair style!

We all have those days when we just feel so…., helplessly stupid. Today was one of them.

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