A Cold Start

Last night I really felt the cold, prompting me to tweak the furnace to add more heat inside. I think it dipped down to around five degrees Celsius, so there was no surprise when I noticed that it was still dark outside well up until 9:00am due to all the fog. I wanted to venture outside to get more fog shots, you know, the sun lighting the fog and casting shadows of the trees through it, but I had no time. So, rush, rush, rush, getting ready to meet with some friends as we were off to see the Cranberry Festival in Fort Langley, BC today.

The Sun on Oct 12 2013 - small image

This was what the Sun looked liked from my patio this morning around 9:00am today.

Once the top layer of fog burnt off, the day shaped up into a perfect sunny autumn one, though still cool and needing a jacket, but perfect for walking in. So, the plan is to wear a T-shirt, jacket, and I will take a light sweater if I find a little too cold. I am also going to be carrying a fairly heavy camera bag, so I may find myself wearing just the T-shirt.

O.K., lets get the day going!

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