The 18th Fort Langley Cranberry Festival!

The 18th Fort Langley Cranberry Festival took place today. I went with some friends, and snapped about 170 shots, so from just the few photos I posted here, these are just but a teaser of what I will up-load into my photo gallery at the above links. I should have about 20 to 30 good photos that are worthy to post. But anyway, the festival was great this year.

What made the Cranberry Festival great this year mostly the weather. It was cool, but with the Sun shinning on a somewhat cloudless morning, walking around was great. You needed a jacket, but that was not too much of a problem if you kept moving. I think becuase of this, there seemed to be way more people this year, than even last year. I wonder if the organizers figure they broken a record for the most people in the town this year?

It took us about twenty minutes to walk from 96 Avenue along Glover Road, to Mavis Avenue. The food vendors seemed to have being doing very well, as most of the outlets had long line-ups. Also, the shops had people in them too. I think the merchants did very well.

The music this year was awesome. There were some very good talent from the street musicians. I even noticed that the people were getting right into it as some of the performers were getting them dancing on the streets.

One great thing that I notice here in the Frazer Valley is that events are adding more than one Port-a-Potties on site now. I think I seen eight of them by the Community Hall today. Even with that many, there were still line-ups of people trying to used them. But I can tell you that I have been to events in the past and when you gotta go, fearing a ten minute line-up is just stupid. I cannot imagine what the women feel like just becuase they cannot pull off some of the manoeuvres that men can do in these stressful situations.

Before I get emails on this photo, I had to do some editing on it so the lettering on the banner (on the side of the hydro pole) could be read. I had to mirror the image to do that. Really, you are looking North along Glover Road, and the building on the left, is actually the right side of the street. I took this from the Community Hall. I did this becuase the light was better from this vantage point.

A child without her balloon as it floats away up into the sky when she let go of it for a moment.

So I will be working on the rest of these photos over the next day or so. The great thing about this new camera I have is that in that time, with around 170 photos taken and left on most of the time, around two hours, I only used up about 15 percent of my battery power. Although I never shot any video, I am sure the camera (Sony A77) could handle a whole day of this with no problems on a single battery. I have a 32G SD card, so I have tons of room for both video and stills. I have the vertical grip that holds two batteries at once. Probably a little too excessive–but it looks cool–big is better, right!

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