Looking Up Through the Trees

I decided to take a longer walk than usual today, to give myself a really good workout. I wanted to pack with me my 14mm lens, so I decided to take my entire photo bag with me, figuring that the extra weight would improve my fitness input–it seem to have done just that–I am sore now. I was tiered when I got back from my walk, but felt great. I took some photos once I got into the wooded area of my walk, and used the 14mm lens, which looked really awesome.

At first I had troubles getting this 14mm lens to work on my Sony A77 becuase it is a full manual lens. It worked fine on my A33, so I was a little bit puzzled as to why it was not working on my A77. Then I saw, in the menu, a setting the allowed my to use the “activate shutter without lens” option, and then I could take pictures with the lens. On my A33, I have to use the lens in full manual mode, but the A77 really does not like lenses that it does not know, so I had to use this “manual” feature to get the shutter working with it. So once I got it figured out, the forest looked that much more better as I could get way more in the field of view with this lens.

This next photo turned out really well, but it was not from my 14mm lens, but my 28 to 300mm zoom lens, at about 50mm.

This image was a bit of a surprise becuase at the time I was just setting up my white balance, and randomly shooting objects, so “surprise.” I like the contrast and colour in this shot, plus it is really nice and sharp too. I did no post editing to this image whatsoever; this is the way it looks straight from a RAW file, converting it into a PNG file. Every once in a while this lens surprises me.

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