The Wrong Kind of Fog

Over the last few days I was hoping to get out and shoot some “fog in the forest” shots, but the fog has been so darn thick it might as well have been dusk right up until noon. When the fog finally burnt off, the Sun was to high in the sky for the right effect I wanted. So, I wait until the perfect morning, or evening, when the conditions are just right, but in the mean time I shot this photo this morning when the fog was lifting. Everything is covered in dew becuase of all the moisture in the air.

Dew Covered Web - Oct 18 2013 - small image

I do not think this guy is catching too much with his/her web exposed from the dew on it.

The last few days have been really bad for during in with the road barely visible because of all this fog. At least when the Sun does shine, it is nice out. I hope we get another week full of this great weather.

It was also so foggy that I missed the partial Lunar Eclipse tonight when it started as the Moon was rising from the West. When I went to set up, I knew right-a-way that the fog was coming in to fast, so I walk around for a while, then headed back home. The Moon was so dim, even when it was high in the sky.

Moon - Oct 18 2013 in Fort Langley BC - small image

I really had to work at setting this shot up because of the fog. I used my 300mm lens, and I shot in manual, looking at a 1.5 sec exposure because the light was so dim. There was no way I could have done this shot without a tripod. Missed another astronomical event due to crappy weather!

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