There seems to be some light just over the horizon in terms of my new career path. I took the bold step of seeking out some career options at a couple of education facilities in the Metro Vancouver area, and also a “long shot” application with a company that I once worked with, many years ago. In a surprise twist of fate, all of these application requests that I submitted, most over five weeks ago, responded with interviews, scheduled for this week, including one that I had early this morning in Burnaby, BC.  On Wednesday I have two interviews, one at BCIT, and another in Richmond, BC, then one in North Vancouver. I am very concerned because there seems to be nothing in the Langley – Aldergove area close to where I live that match the career path I want to take.

My first concern is why are these facilities taking so long to respond to applications? Are they aggregating as many applicants as they can before they make a short-list? If positions are available, and vacancies exists, then why does it appear that these organisations are not in any hurry to fill them? So many questions, as I had completely given up on hearing back from these places, and moved on in other directions.

Second, are locations. In the Langley area where I live, there seems to be this black hole where industry and commerce seems to have stagnated. Looking at the various employment websites, all seem to indicate that Langley has not that much to offer, especially in terms of highly skilled labour. Lots of general labour work for unskilled and minimum wage positions, but nothing in terms of career orientated opportunities that I am looking for. I do not know, but this could be a symptom of, “the grass is always greener on the other side,” but I am sure from just looking these websites that something is happening around here that is not good. So, I could be commuting over great distances in the very near future for my future work.

Third, is this sudden blip in responses after a long period of silence. I cannot explain it. All of a sudden companies seem to be ramping up their hiring. Of course I could seek answers from reading tea leaves, or listen to the “experts,” but I think businesses are cautious, and are holding out as long as possible before they commit to hiring again. It is difficult for me becuase where I am now, I have not alerted them to my search, and understandably so if you seen my circumstance. I have to worry about sacrificing my current income for a possibility, and my current position is very insecure as it is. You can see why I am searching like mad now, right?

Last, are my concerns over how much time I want to invest on a daily bases at work versus my personal time. In the field of education, I know that the hours needed are very demanding, however, the rewards are very generous in terms of salary.  Add two hours of commute time, to a ten hour day, and a twelve hour day of work would be the norm. One option would be to move near the location, but as you can tell, where these jobs exist, the cost of living is very expensive, so the balance of cheap living versus a killer commute are my choices.

I can say that I am very grateful that I can have this dilemma. Many of my friends are in situations where they are worried that they maybe facing lay-off, and/or some sort of a downgrade in their work. For them, they do not have the luxury of jumping from one career path to another simply becuase they have no formal education to help them propel to the next level. The will to invest in obtain those skills is just not their. Also, if I were to obtain anyone of one of these positions, I would be very happy because that would be the career path that I would find most rewarding. Imagine, something that I could call my dream job?

It is late, and I must prepare for Wednesday. What a crazy I life I have.

ADDED October 22, 2013

An update on these interviews. My Richmond appointment was moved to early this morning, and the West Vancouver interview was moved to a different venue, somewhere in Coquitlam, which is a lot closer. I was caught off guard with the Richmond interview becuase I was given less than twelve hours notice about the change and moving the appointment ahead a full day, but I stood up to the challenge, and I think I pulled it off well. So much stress dealing with Metro Vancouver traffic!

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