Dazzled by the Fall Colours

These are shots of the maple tree right by my home. I took them becuase I was just dazzled by the array of colours of the leaves, and the sudden onset of sunshine we got when the fog lifted for a brief period today. Perhaps the tree looked so beautiful because I had not seen it for so long due to the grey days of having 24 hour fog for over a week now, so my eyes could have been playing tricks on me. But anyway, the colours are mazing.

Maple Tree Oct 22 2013 image 2 - small

Tell me if these colours do not dazzles you?

Maple Tree Oct 22 2013 image 1 - small

When I am sitting in my E-Z-chair, this is the view I have right outside of my living room window.

I just want to share this moment.

One Thought on “Dazzled by the Fall Colours

  1. Amazing view!

    Dazzled I am…

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