No Rest for the Spiders

When I awoke and went outside to sit out on the patio with my tea to read the news from my notebook, something caught my eye that was unusual, out of the ordinary, but I could not put my finger on it. When I looked around, nothing jumped out at me. It was not until I turned on my notebook that it hit me, there were spider’s web everywhere; a fine, silky film of web covered all of my shrubs and bushes along the driveway. The dew made it really stand out.

The Web on the Tree Oct 23 2013 - small image

When I took a closer look, these were not huge spiders, but very tiny ones doing the web making. They were everywhere, crawling up and down the plants, along the ground and some were even on my deck. I see no cause for alarm, as long as they do not come inside my home, but this all appeared from over night. It mist be a seasonal thing for these spiders?

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