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I have had quite a bit of time today to lay back and catch up on some chores around the home. Not much in the business end of things going on today, so I consecrated on cleaning, and continuing with the winter upgrades on my home. I installed some heat tape on my main waterline which is exposed to the outside, and needs to be protected from the cold. Once that was done, I stared doodling with Blender, and decided to a winter scene with my website logo, in graphics, like I always do, and it turned out really great. This was just a doodle, but I may spend more time on it getting it more detailed.

The Thomasso Winter Scene in BLENDER B

In Blender, using “sculpt” mode, I drew this using my tablet, and the various brushes in the Dynamic Topology tools. This scene took less that fifteen minutes to create, and took longer to render. I think it looks really nice, with regards to the snow effect.

Plumbing is not one of my strong suits. I felt a spent way too much time trying to open the packaging on the heat tape, then actually installing the cable onto the water line. I had to use a pair side cutters to bust open the plastic package, and then use it to the cut the wire to unroll the cable. What a waste of money they put into packaging. Once I started applying the heat tape to the waterline, I then had to put isolation tubing around the line, and that was when frustration started to set in. You would think everything would just measure up and you would never need to start cutting extra pieces off, or find that you just ran out because you are 30cm too short. Well, it happened to me as I both ran out of heat tape, and had to cut this last piece of tubing in half. I got it sorted out, but it does not look pretty–it has amateur written all over it.

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